Groupage is a shared dispatch. It involves grouping together small/medium/large dispatches into one single load.

It is the cheapest solution for dispatches which alone are not sufficient to fill a load. The key word is optimisation!

It offers customers a variety of benefits such as:

  • lower dispatch tariffs

  • limiting the risk of losses and damage

  • reducing packing costs

  • improving delivery schedules and operations for loading and unloading

  • avoiding risks linked to fractioned transportation

  • continuative and non-continuative routes

Groupage is one of the specialities of our dispatch office, which creates routes from Veneto to the rest of Italy, whether for continuative supplies or otherwise. In handling all the variables, this department guarantees:

  • Highly optimised loads that reduce costs for individual customers

  • Little or no handling of goods involved (transfers between trucks during transit); the likelihood of consignments being lost or damaged is considerably less.

The right vehicles, customised transportation and freight transfer

In addition to transportation, the service we offer with our own vehicles includes unloading goods onto the ground using a truck-mounted forklift and tail-lifts.

We collect freight directly from and on behalf of our customers without any intermediate transfers. In the event they should, however, be necessary, we only carry out transfers within our own facility where our specialist staff, and equipment of the right weight and volume, ensure we have full control of handling. We also have the option of rear transfers with a dock leveller, or side transfer using forklift trucks.

We specialise in non-standard requests, both regarding layout during transport and handling that fits the characteristics of every load. Some of the most common examples include bundles, pipes, large machinery and goods which are not packaged.

We handle any type of goods without any problems; we have no limitations in terms of length, width, height or weight, as long as it complies with regulations in force.

Our flexibility also extends to pallets, grouped consignments etc., which we not only quote by the kilo, but also in linear or cubic metres. The cheapest option for a customer? Anything from 3 pallets upwards!

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