We were the first in Italy to certify vehicles with truck-mounted forklifts! We enjoy supplying useful and innovative services by thinking outside the box.

With a capacity of up to 1.5 tonnes and no limit on length, we can solve problems involved in unloading goods which would ordinarily be impossible for an ordinary tail-lift.
Fitted with rubber tyres and four-wheel-drive, they can be driven over uneven terrain whilst providing all the practical features of a forklift truck – wherever it is needed!

Versatility! The advantages of truck-mounted forklifts

A truck-mounted forklift is loaded onto the back of our HGVs so it can later be unlocked and ready for use in the space of one minute, allowing you to load and/or unload without delays.

This is a multi-purpose addition to the logistics processes we offer our customers. A forklift is not always available in the loading/unloading point, and this solution allows clients to save a considerable amount of time. In terms of duration, the impact on delivery point logistics is therefore less, with added benefits for onsite staff and safety.

Here are some examples of transportation where a truck-mounted forklift offers the greatest advantages:

  • Transporting construction materials to building sites;
  • Transporting wood / gardening products / animal feed;
  • Transporting solar panels;
  • Transporting loads of varying sizes;
  • Transporting and handling goods in mountainous areas.

The truck-mounted forklift is a byword for versatility! It is efficient and invaluable in any situation, time or location.

Find out more about all the advantages of this solution in this in-depth article.

Discover the advantages of truck-mounted forklifts

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