The flexibility and punctuality of our services are also the result of our large and varied fleet of vehicles, which we are constantly updating.

(internal dimensions and capacity in kg) LENGHT WIDTH HEIGHT CAPACITY
break BREAK 120 100 100 400
van VAN 360 125 160 1.400
lift TAUTLINER VAN WITH LIFT 450 210 260 1.000
truck TRUCK WITH FORKLIFT 830 246 265 12.000
motrice-sponda VEHICLE WITH LIFT 960 246 280 14.000
10trailer CITY TRAILER WITH FORKLIFT 1030 248 270 21.000
13trailer TAUTLINER 1360 248 270 28.000
low-trailer LOW TAUTLINER 1360 (370+990) 246 300 28.000
open-trailer OPEN TRAILER WITH SIDEGUARDS 1360 248 280 30.000

N.B. Dimensions and capacities are to be verified on a case-by-case basis at the time of request.

The advantages of our fleet of vehicles

Value for money

With our haulage service, expenses incurred for staffing, vehicles and administration go from being fixed to variable, and we ensure they are proportionate to the consignment. This value for money becomes even more evident for consignments that do not usually fill a whole trailer.


We work effectively and efficiently. We map our drivers’ journeys in order to coordinate collections and deliveries with our customers’ schedules. We also pick the routes with care, and the utmost consideration for the needs of staff and the environment.


We ensure all the equipment and the vehicles themselves are maintained to a very high standard, and that they are safe and comfortable for our drivers, offering them greater quality in their working lives. We also invest in technological innovation for vehicles, management software and other tools that maximise efficiency and safety.

Risk management

Outsourcing freight dispatch and logistics makes for far less risk and liability. We maintain strict guidelines for the maintenance of vehicles and driver safety. This allows us to reduce overall transport risk, and minimise the impact of unexpected events such as road accidents.


We use cutting-edge technology, and we always monitor the status and location of our dispatches. Sharing this data with customers helps us to offer a transparent service, ensuring we are not just a service provider, but also a reliable partner.

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