The history of Da Canal Autotrasporti e Logistica

1985: Foundation

DA CANAL first started out offering transportation services in the 1980s. The firm was founded by grandfather Guido, later joined by his son Rudy, who in 1985 established Da Canal Rudy & C. snc. Today, the baton has been handed on to the third generation, with Christian who is inspired by the principles of the company’s founders as he leads the company forward.

1985: Developing the fleet

A partnership with a key local player saw us increase our fleet from 3 to 15 vehicles in the space of a few years. We delivered and collected goods all over Italy, as well as Spain and France.

1987: Logistics, a new vision of service

We moved to temporary premises with 200 square metres of warehouse space in Sedico (Belluno). It was the start of a new line of business: logistics. With this we began to manage receiving and supplying raw materials and semi-finished goods between Italy and Austria on a daily basis.

1995: Italy's first truck-mounted forklifts!

A revolution in haulage. We were the first in Italy to register trucks carrying onboard forklifts: a highly successful service allowing our customers to unload autonomously. In a short space of time, the quantity and quality of the fleet of vehicles increased. The number of these forklifts went up to 15.

1999: new premises

We inaugurated 1,000 square metres of warehouse and office space at Sedico (Belluno), including a large yard for parking the vehicles. This expansion was made necessary by the consolidation and increase in the services offered, and by demand. New partnership opportunities with Belluno’s biggest firms followed.

2002: more expansion, and another landmark!

The construction of a new covered warehouse measuring 3,000 square metres, designed solely for providing logistics services, resulted us in becoming the first haulage firm to have fully racked premises up to 9 metres in height and 9 loading bays in the province of Belluno..

2014/2017: opening of new warehouses “Mel 1” and “Mel 2”

Soaring demand and the trust earned amongst our biggest customers through the years prompted us to erect 6,000 square metres of covered and racked warehouses. As a result, we built two warehouses in Mel (Belluno). We autonomously stock and dispatch large quantities of goods, with a damage and error rate close to 0%.

2020/2022: expanding logistical needs

With the consolidation of the logistics service for finished products, needs linked to raw materials, semi-finished goods and kits for production lines have also grown. We transport, unload, store and supply the plants of our customers every day, thanks to 30,000 square metres of logistics premises, of which 15,000 square metres of covered warehouses.

2023: new projects

Business is continuing to evolve with the support of our partners, and Da Canal Autotrasporti e Logistica is ready to develop its main Sedico site even further. Of the 21,000 square metre area at our disposal, 4,000 square metres are currently occupied by the “Sedico 1” and “Sedico 2” buildings. We are planning to optimise the remaining space of 8,800 square metres by building a new warehouse.

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