Our Full Truck Load (FTL) service runs on national and international routes thanks to a large fleet of our own vehicles and the support of a tried-and-tested network of national and international partners.

We run departures from the provinces of Belluno, Padova, Treviso, Venice and Vicenza for all our clients with true efficiency.

Every consignment of goods can be pinpointed at any time, thanks to the satellite tracking system our vehicles are fitted with.

Our experienced fleet managers work with the management software system, allowing us to offer a flexible service and change schedules in the event of emergencies, or when our customers have to deal with unexpected requirements.

The advantages of the full truck load

The full truck load, commonly known as FTL, is a type of dispatch method in which one truck transports one consignment. In other words, the journey is reserved for just one customer. Transportation on an FTL truck offers a variety of benefits over alternative road haulage options:

  • • For consignments which are large enough to fill a whole trailer (80%-100%), full loads are cheaper.
  • • FTL consignments reach their destination faster, because the truck does not collect or deliver along the way
  • • FTL transportation means less handling (there is no need to transfer goods between trucks during transit): this reduces the likelihood of the goods being lost or damaged.

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