Our take on storage is also based on flexibility.

We provide covered, uncovered and sheltered areas, as well as ground-level and racked areas for storing goods as required.

We can set aside areas of any type, without limitations of quantity or time. This system limits costs and allows our clients to take decisions with a freer, more spontaneous approach, weighing up the various options and seeing for themselves how we work as a business partner.

This service also includes the option of renting semi-trailers and swap bodies.

Short and long-term storage

Short and long-term storage are both common parts of logistical planning. When planning warehouse logistics, we assess how much space is available, the need to rotate goods and any particular requirements, including the presence of special materials (e.g. hazardous or fragile goods).

Simply put, goods which are moved frequently or which are scheduled to be dispatched soon are placed in the front of the warehouse. Items that are in less demand are placed in the back. Perishable items are rotated often, so that older goods are dispatched first. Items that are often grouped together are usually stored next to one another, and so on.

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